Get a Taste for Yourself

After 20 years of offering private cooking classes, Chef Carolyn Cohen, owner of Delicious Dish Cooking School, needed to pivot to virtual classes when the pandemic hit. Chef Carolyn Cohen wanted to increase her virtual class participation which she offers nearly every weeknight via zoom.


The Delicious Dish user experience now heavily depends on her digital experience. Yet Carolyn belongs in the kitchen with her audience, not behind a desk and computer.


Reconfigure the use of the Delicious Dish communication channels to optimize participant engagement and user experience by rebuilding the website framework and emphasizing her unique selling proposition.


We first worked with Carolyn to draw her Instagram audience’s attention towards her cooking class experience through the usage of video and Instagram reels during and after her live cooking classes. By doing so, she has directly invited her audience to join her Delicious Dish cooking classes. Her Instagram following has increased by 25%. Following this, we rebuilt her website and updated her processes which allowed Carolyn to focus on her craft rather than dealing with digital headaches. Now she can sell her old classes automatically, making it easy for users to sign up and access her virtual classes.


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Website Optimization


Instagram Strategy