Give It To Me Straight, Doc

Dr. Andrew Morris has been writing weekly emails on COVID-19 since the pandemic emerged. As a public service, he wanted his emails to be easily accessible and available to all.


Throughout the pandemic, our society has become apprehensive of the media, and subsequently, thirsty for credible and easily digestible information. As a world expert in infectious diseases, Dr. Morris needed to ensure he had the trust and attention of his readers.


Design a personalized and user-friendly landing page for the weekly newsletters in order to reach a larger readership and to provoke a genuine relationship with the source (Dr.Andrew Morris).  In conjunction, design a newsletter template to improve the effectiveness of the reader experience.


With a quick response, we performed an audit on Andrew’s past email newsletters and provided him with a customized template to ensure his content was conveyed as effectively as possible. Andrew has received very positive feedback from his readership on this update. Simultaneously, we designed a user-friendly web page for viewers to subscribe and access all of Andrew’s weekly newsletters to date. The website was designed to be congruent with the newsletter template and personalized to Andrew’s personality, voice, and style. Since launching the website in November, there have been over 10,000 visits and 3000 new subscriptions.


Website Development


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“I am an academic infectious diseases physician whose main area of interest is the optimal use of antibiotics to tackle drug-resistance.  When the COVID-19 pandemic became reality in Canada in Winter 2020, I pivoted, and started using my expertise to educate family and friends about COVID-19.  Using traditional email, I wrote weekly newsletters to put information into context, to advise, and also to reassure. At first, I sent to about 30 people, but within a few months, my list grew to around 120 people, knowing that many more were reading these emails second-hand.  I continued this for 6 months.  Until GreenX.

GreenX helped me develop a digital strategy.  Taking me from unwieldy, amateur emails, they worked with me to first standardize my emails using an electronic email subscription service.  What this allowed me to do was not only manage subscribers, but also to keep track of my reach, have an email template (or brand), and to simplify adding more complex content such as embedded graphics and video.  The last element of this strategy was a web presence.  They quickly developed a clean, custom website,, that matched my brand, and made it easier for people to read old content.  Now, when I want to reference a prior article, I can point to it on my website.

What has happened since starting with GreenX media? I went from 120 “subscribers” after my first 6 months of emailing, to almost 7000 5 months later.  My unknown readership jumped to unimaginable heights, and I now know that roughly 30-35 thousand readers read my newsletter each week.  The weekly “open” rate is roughly 80%, compared to what industry experts say is the average of 15-25%.

To be clear: GreenX media has MADE and my weekly emails the success they are.  I am only kicking myself I didn’t enlist them in March 2020!!!”