Consistency is KING

Given the nature of the personal training industry, Body & Soul Fitness historically relied on face-to-face interactions with customers as the basis of their relationships. When COVID-19 physical distancing restrictions were enforced, Body & Soul Fitness needed to maintain their existing relationships with valued customers.


COVID-19 disrupted the fitness industry, and subsequently changed the health and fitness lifestyle. Gym-goers were seeking inspiration and guidance even more online while gyms were closed.


Meaningfully engage with existing customers by consistently providing them with the value Body & Soul Fitness has to offer: their fitness expertise and knowledge.  By doing so, Body & Soul Fitness can still achieve their underlying mission of helping their community achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals even during the pandemic.


Once we helped Body & Soul Fitness realize the need to prioritize online communications, we worked with their team to kickstart social media communications in a meaningful way. We did this by developing a communication strategy informed by a deep brand exploration and investigation into trainer-client relationships. This strategy is now used consistently across their business on various platforms for delivering high value content to their audience.


Customer Research

Repositioning Strategy

Social Media Management


“I started working with GreenX media to initiate our social media presence. I was impressed with their energy and enthusiasm, which were the main factors in deciding to work with them. I felt that we needed that energy to successfully implement our strategy after many failed attempts trying to do it ourselves.  What I didn’t realize was that GreenX would not only help us launch our social media presence, but would be able to provide much more value than I could have imagined.


Through many meetings and discussions, GreenX was able to help us clarify our brand strategy, which has allowed us to be more effective in every other aspect of our business.  They helped us successfully get our social media strategy started, and when we were ready, they helped us transition it in-house.


Thank you for the good work you have done, and for helping to keep Body + Soul Fitness on a successful path.”

Darren Katz

President, Body + Soul Fitness