Who we are


Gurvir Chana

Co-Founder, GreenX media


“At first, I was mostly just inspired by Gurvir’s tech and design magic. I saw him as a media wizard, who knew how to do more than I could even fathom. While this remains true, I realized over time that I was also working with an exceptional human-being. 


Gurvir is calm, patient, and kind. When I worry about achieving a result, he says, “don’t worry we’ll figure it out”. He says “we” because he always thinks of we—that he’s in it with you. Every challenge is seen as a possibility, and he makes the seemingly impossible possible. “Can’t” is not in his vocabulary, and you will find yourself surprised with what he can do. What amazes me even more is Gurvir’s humility. He is always incredibly curious, looking for ways to do things better and be better – he is the epitome of an innovator. Gurvir approaches his work with a caring attention to detail, and goes above and beyond to provide our clients with the best possible outcome. He believes people deserve excellence—and that is what he strives towards. 


Gurv has an amazing ability to listen, absorb emotion, and precisely translate a vision through creative design. He is incredibly talented, clever, and reliable.


Once, I asked Gurvir for graphic design help for my internship project, and he said to me with that typical genuine generosity, “your success is my success”. He manifests this with everything he does, both with me, and with our clients.”

- Yael Morris

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Yael Morris

Co-Founder, GreenX media


“I was intimidated by Yael when we first met – she had an intense energy. I quickly realized that her intensity and enthusiasm was a manifestation of her passion. Yael’s energy is contagious, and anyone who works with her will know that speaking with her works better than drinking coffee – I no longer needed to rely on coffee for my morning boost! She has a natural ability to inspire people, bring energy to any kind of project, and make you feel good about who you are and what you do. She makes you feel good because she gets excited about people and businesses, and ultimately becomes obsessed with finding the best solutions for our clients. She won’t stop until it’s “perfect”.


Yael is curious and loves to ask “why”. She loves to make sense of things, crystalize the meaning behind things, and understand what makes people special. She has a genuine eagerness to learn about you as an individual, your organization, and your customers.


Yael feels responsible for my success and our clients’ success, and she’ll make sure to address any gaps that are in the way (even if it makes you uncomfortable). She’ll motivate you to be better because she believes in your potential – as an individual and as a business. Her ability to hold everyone she works with accountable to high standards is uplifting, and is what keeps me striving to be better every day.”

- Gurvir Chana

Our Story

Gurvir, also known as “GV” or “Gurv”, started building apps at 13 years of age, when he built an iOS app for a science fair that won a silver prize at the provincial level. He quickly developed a business called “GV App Studios” and started freelancing with app development, web development, graphic design and logo design. In high school, he was the go-to photography, videography, website, and social media guy.

Fast forwarding to 2018, Gurvir decided to pursue his passion for physics and sciences at McMaster. Concurrently, Yael was studying in the Integrated Business & Humanities at the DeGroote School of Business and was organizing an extra-curricular experiential learning case competition program for business students. She needed someone who could capture photos and video, establish a website, and run social media. She posted about it on Facebook, and Gurvir instantly reached out. He wanted to surround himself with business students and be part of a community. Yael interviewed Gurvir and brought him onto the team. 

In the summer of 2019, the owners of Dentistry on Liverpool approached Yael for marketing help. Yael knew she couldn’t do this alone and reached out to Gurvir about the opportunity, which they both saw as an exciting challenge. They started to meet frequently about their new project and worked for several months on the initial proposal. They got it proofread by professors, and spent many long nights together, working over the phone, in cafes, and in business rooms until they got kicked out. They wanted to surprise their first potential clients. 

Neither of them had ever worked with someone else so closely on a project, let alone something like this project. With their diverse backgrounds, they presented each other with new perspectives, which further allowed them to generate better ideas. It wasn’t only their backgrounds and skillsets that created the synergy, but their personalities complimented each other so well. They ended up proposing a full-fledged, comprehensive marketing solution to the owners of Dentistry on Liverpool in November 2019 and secured their first ever official client. 

Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early March 2020, they had a phone call to talk about how they were going to make the most of their time during the lockdown. This is when they decided to make something of themselves and build something together —“GreenX”. Gurvir had always wanted to do something about the environmental crisis – and named his freelance business, “GreenX” several years back. He had once mentioned to Yael that he wanted to somehow marry his media talents with an environmental solution but wasn’t sure how. As someone who studied social entrepreneurship in undergrad, Yael loved the idea of finding a way to support the environment through business means. Throughout the early days of the lockdown they worked to build the brand; establish a service offering; determine a market gap; identify a target market; align on a vision; create a logo; and approach the environmental crisis in a meaningful and impactful way. They learned from their research that environmental NPOs receive the least amount of public support, and saw this problem as an opportunity to support environmental NPOs pro-bono. Throughout the spring of 2020, several businesses came to them with marketing problems and GreenX took them on (including their first environmental NPO). Soon enough, they decided to incorporate in June 2020, and officially became GreenX media Corp. Since then, Yael and Gurvir have been taking on whichever projects come their way and fine-tuning their service offerings.

Although GreenX media has only been in business for less than a year, their vision is to grow into something big. They want to build a team of enthusiastic and skilled creators, establish a community of businesses that they can make proud as their clients, while also taking meaningful action to support the planet.

Let’s work together.

We can’t wait to learn about what makes your business special, and help bring your vision to life.